Flotilla 16-10 General Information

Duty and Diversity, Go Hand in Hand

Posted by: Carlos Gomez
The definition of duty is; something that one is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation
the binding or obligatory force of something that is morally or legally right
an action or task required by a person's position or occupation; function

When we became Auxiliarists we were required to stand, raise our right hand and begin our service with these words; “I (state your name) do SOLEMLY SWEAR” to put it another way we swore an oath to perform a service not just to the Coast Guard, or our community, but to EACH OTHER. One of our duties is to be force MULTIPLIERS ! To encourage one another to take part in a variety of service duties, IE.,. (VE, FS, Boat-crew). In order to be force multipliers we must first learn and obtain a certification. Then we are required by our sworn word to perform this duty. It does not stop there, for we must train others to learn and perform said certification. It does not stop there, for we should in our entire term of service seek to encourage as many as we can to learn and perform the variety of duties needed by the Coast Guard and our community, our people, our countrymen.

When including diversity with duty then we should always strive to be friendly, helpful, and respectful of one another to model and reflect the behavior for others. We should never behave otherwise as it may weaken the public faith in our ability to serve them. Diversity should be embraced as it allows us to think and operate in far broader terms and will enable us to tackle and overcome situations that we previously could not have done without it. To really be force multipliers who listen, watch, ask questions of each other, and understand one another; then each of us becomes a unit in and of ourselves. A leader should, at a minimum, maintain the abilities of his or her unit or team.

A better leader mentors, and strengthens the unit. Diversity is strength, in many innumerable ways. Use diversity with encouragement and become a greater leader than what you are today.