Flotilla 15-3 Uniform Information

There are 3 basic uniforms for our Flotilla.
1.  ODU - Operational Dress Uniform
2.  Tropical Dress Blue
3.  Hot Weather Uniform
The ODU is the daily "working uniform".  It is worn when performing operations, vessel safety checks, visiting & working at a Coast Guard Station.
All name tags, insignias and qualifications are to be of the "sew-on" type.  Brown or blue moccasin stlye deck shoes, or  non-marking black  8" -10" boots are worn with this uniform.  Bloused trousers are required when wearing boots.  The standardized baseball  cap, or Tilley Hat  is worn with this uniform.
Tropical Dress Blue
The Tropical Blue Uniform  (Trops) is worn year round at all occasions where coat and tie are not required or expected. It is worn at such times as public affair presentations, public education classes, Flotilla meetings, etc.
This uniform consists of the short sleeve light blue shirt with name tag, ribbons, qualification badge and shoulder boards, Regulation dark blue trousers (or skirt) with black oxford shoes & socks  are worn with either the garrison cap or combination hat.  (The baseball cap is not authorized with this uniform)
Hot Weather Uniform 
The Hot Weather Uniform is ONLY worn in hot weather when performing Vessel Safety Checks.
This uniform consists of a pair of cut-off ODU trousers and , black webbed belt.  White crew length socks are worn with brown or blue moccocin style deck shoes, 8"-10" boots, or all white or all black athletic shoes.  The dark blue T-shirt with white "USCG Auxiliary" lettering or Vessel Examiner polo shirt and auxiliary ball cap ( or Tolley Hat) complete the uniform.
For more information, review the Uniform Procurement Guide