Other Sites of Interest

Coast Guard Navigation Center NAVCEN - NAVCEN operates the Navigation Information Service (NIS), the Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System (NDGPS), and LORAN. In addition, NAVCEN serves as the civilian interface for the Global Positioning System and manages other navigation-related projects. Here you will find information about Navigation Rules (International - Inland), COMDTINST M16672.2D, also known as the Rules of the Road or the Nav Rules.

PA Fish and Boat Commission - Because Pennsylvania provides unlimited opportunities for recreational boating, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has valuable information on safe boating classes, rules and regulations.

Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife - The Division of Fish and Wildlife manages Delaware's fish and wildlife resources, provides safe and enjoyable fishing, hunting, and boating opportunities to citizens and visitors.

New Jersey State Police Marine Services - Marine Services Bureau provides a full-time law enforcement service for all of New Jersey's waterways and is the primary provider for all police services on the water and contiguous land areas of the State of New Jersey.

NOAA - Courtesy link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Boating Safety Sidekicks - Is a fun website for children promoted by NSBC to introduce them to boating with safety in mind.

Animated Knots by Grog - These animated knots are primarily for boaters, but many are useful for anyone who uses rope and values safety. The knots can be selected from the index, by their pictures, or from a page which describes their various uses. Each knot automatically "ties itself" when the page opens. Fast and Slow buttons allow each animation to be replayed. Many of the animations can also be reflected left for right or inverted with the Normal, Mirror, Inverted, Rotated buttons under the title. To study each stage, the animation can also be played step by step: just move the mouse over the row of numbered buttons under the knot. For many knots an extra button, Structure, shows a picture which helps understand the way the knot "fits together".