About Us

Picture of Mark Latish teaching Boating Safety Course

 Mark Letavish presents the navigation section of our Boating Safety Course. We are very active promoting boating safety with our Public Education Programs. We have many trained instructors who teach and share their boating knowledge through out the region.

Picture of SARDET Bowers Beach, and Boat Crew preparing to get underway


USCG Auxiliary Patrol SARDET Bowers Beach, DE (Search and Rescue Detachment) - for those of you who have wondered what goes on at the facility in Bowers Beach. Routine Safety Patrols, Marine Observation, and Standing watch for any Search and Rescue. Just a few things that we do here. The building is a vital link to our communications system in the Delaware Bay. The building is utilized for communications, training , Vessel Safety Inspections and works side by side with the United States Coast Guard. The main mission of The Coast Guard Auxiliary is to promote boating safety and support The United States Coast Guard. Our crew prepares to get underway for patrols within our Area of Operations, Ship John Shoal south to Cape Henlopen. We are all volunteers who are trained to provide mission and operational support in many fields. The SARDET is staffed from Auxiliary members from through out the region. 
Members of 12-5 Boat Crew on Patrol in DE Bay looking at a Tanker Underway

 Our boat crews perform many diverse missions ranging from aids to navigation verification, marine observation, boating safety, protecting our marine habitats from pollution,  preserving marine wildlife and search and rescue. 

SARDET Bowers conducting communications with Boat Crew on Patrol


We have members who contribute in many ways! Here Nancy Otto is staffing SARDET Bowers Beach securing radio guard for a Boat Crew on Safety Patrol. We are all volunteers who promote boating safety , protect the environment and support the US Coast Guard.