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Boating Classes:

Flotilla 4-11 offers several USCG courses in the spring and fall in Wayne and Ardmore PA.

Our USCG Auxiliary Officers are the instructors for the following courses offered in cooperation with Main Line School Night :

Boating Safety Certification - Basic boating class for power, sail and personal water craft. Successful completion meets the education criteria that PA, NJ and MD . Passing the PA / NJ boating certification exam(s) which are administered at the end of the course meets the requirement for PA / NJ State Operator Certification. .

About Boating Safely - Officially certified USCG course for recreational boat operators provides information for a boater, whether new or experienced, about boat ownership, rules of the sea, safe boating procedures, charts,  transportation, handling including lines and knots, navigation, communications and more with an emphasis on power boating. Successful completion meets the requirements for PA, NJ and MD safe boating education laws.

Sailing Skills & Seamanship - Provides information for a boater , whether new or
experienced, about boat ownership, transportation, handling including lines and knots,
navigation, communications and more with an emphasis on sailing

Weekend Navigator - Provides a background in paper and electronic means of navigating
using a variety of skill sets.

Boating Skills and Seamanship - A comprehensive, in-depth course designed for both the experienced and the novice boater.

Boating Safety Certification courses start 3/5/2018 and 4/3/2018 respectively at Main Line School Night venues.

Our website for these courses, including online registration, can be found here:

Main Line School Night - Boating 

The course schedules and locations can be found by clicking on Boating Courses or Local Services & Courses in the left menu."

Vessel Safety Checks:

USCG Vessel Safety Checks play a prominent role in mishap prevention that are an
important part of our objectives . The exams are performed for informational use and no
repercussions result if a vessel does not meet minimum standards . Rather a report
showing suggested improvements is issued to the vessel owner for their records and
implementation. A vessel that meets the standards is issued a current year decal showing its satisfactory passing of those standards when inspected.

Flotilla 4-11 conducts a Vessel Safety Check weekend by USCG Auxiliary certified
Examiners every spring in May in the northern Chesapeake Bay area and will be held at :


Georgetown Yacht Basin on Saturday, 5/19/2018, and Sunday, 5/20/2018 


For those who wish a Vessel Safety Check at alternate locations or dates and we also have several Examiners who are available by appointment for single vessel exams at mutually agreeable nearby locations and times . Please email us via our contact email address for setting up an appointment .

Our contact email address is on the " About Flotilla 04-11 " page on the left side of our home page to help with any questions or comments .