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 Separation Day 
Celebrates 240 Years of Independence


June 15, 1776 is when members of “The Assembly of the Lower Counties of Pennsylvania” met in New Castle which would become Delaware’s first state capital.  The assembly voted to reject the rule of England and King George, III and to declare the three counties of Delaware independent of the holdings of William
Penn.  On June 11, 2016 members of Fifth Northern Division 1 and New Castle Flotilla 19 participated with a PA table while members from Middle Newark Flotilla 14 participated in the parade.

Excellent weather was enjoyed by the public who came for the celebration. The Auxiliary was well represented and once again able to tell our story. 

Members of Flotilla 19 included Katelyn Ealer,

Hector Feliciano, Eric White, and Ken Pierce, FC.  
Participating in the parade were Rossana Palermo,
Don Merrill, IPDCDR, and Bill Turnbull, DCDR all from Flotilla 14.

Change of Watch

Posted by: Hector Feliciano - FSO-PA


Join us as we complete another year with our annual Change of Watch to be held this January at Skip Jack's.

U.S.C.G Aux and our flotilla 053-1-9