Battleship New Jersey for Coast Guard Day and 76th anniversary of the auxiliary

Tue, 20 Oct 15   Posted by: Brian Lazarow

	Battleship New Jersey for Coast Guard Day and 76th anniversary of the auxiliary

On 17 October, six members of District 5nr had the honor and pleasure of spending the day on board USS New Jersey, BB62. Hosted by Marge and Dave Burgess and members of the BSNJ Amateur Radio Club contacts promoting the US Coast Guard Auxiliary as NJ2BB. The event was to recognize the 76th anniversary of the auxiliary. Inculded in the group were team leader Vic Tenaglia, 053-01-01 Ken Pierce, 053-01-09 Donna Ferron, 053-04-09, Mike Slepian, 053-18-18, Rick Tighe, 053-18-04, and Jim Wintrode, 053-18-04.

The event was organized by Dan Amoroso and thanks to the generosity of Dan the group was given a tour of the ship prior to operation. In addition to the operation on board the ship 50 other amateur radio stations throughout the U.S. operated with special call signs also making contacts to celebrate the anniversary.

From the New Jersey 116 contacts were made with 29 states and 20 countries on both voice and morse code. In a bit of irony the first contact made in morse was with a radio operator in Berlin, Germany.

The day was a huge success and allowed us to represent the auxiliary both on the airwaves and to visitors on the ship.

Special moments were when former members of the crew were announced as they came aboard by the familiar whistle (bosun’s call) followed by “Welcome aboard…welcome home” over the loud speaker. One of these visitors entered the officer’s lounge and sat on a soffa area where he said he would never have been allowed when he was serving on the ship.

We all look forward to future visits to the most decorated battleship in the US Navy


New Castle Separation Day Event

Separation Day Table

 Flotilla 01-09 participates in Separation Day Celebration 2015 On June 15, 1776, the Colonial Assembly meeting at the Old State House in New Castle voted to declare the three counties of Delaware to be independent from Great Britain and separate from any ties with the William Penn family. This resulted in the formation of the new Delaware State and first among the original thirteen states. Historic New Castle celebrates Separation Day on the second Saturday in June. The celebration includes numerous amusement rides, a parade, and an opportunity for the New Castle Flotilla 01-09 to participate with the community in celebration. It was a perfect sunny day with moderate temperatures guaranteeing an excellent turnout for the event. Participants representing the flotilla are pictured below. Pictured below are Flotilla Commander Brian Lazarow and SO-PA Dave Clendening. Division Commander Don Merrill, Vice Commander Ken Pierce and Bill Turnbull participated in this event. Also assisting with the event was Henry Patchak and one of the USCG Patrol Boats participated in the Separation Day Parade this year and was supported by Division Commander Don Merrill, Newark Flotilla Commander Bill Turnbull and Rosanna Palermo. The event was a great success and all the participants enjoyed meeting with the public and sharing the Coast Guard Auxiliary story. Several attendees showed an interest in joining the auxiliary and Information was collected for future contact.

 Separation Day Display