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Change of Watch - 2018

Division 1 Change of Watch - 2018


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Posted by: Barbara Sama



D5NR was recently honored to have participated with the TEBOW Foundation to brighten the lives of wonderful special needs people. On February 10, 2017, the 50 states of America plus another 11 countries participated in the “Night to Shine”. Close to 400 churches worldwide held a prom night experience above and beyond the expectation of the young people who participated. Kids as well as adults with special needs who may otherwise never be able to become a Queen or King for one night. The active duty Coast Guard and the Auxiliary united in another adventure at  the Glasgow Church, in Newark, DE Minutes before the Red-carpet entrance, the volunteers gathered for a briefing to make this night special.

Auxiliary members D.CLENDENING, McINTYRE, MERRILL, HORAN AND SARAC line up along the Red-carpet, for the arrival of the honored guests, dressed in their stylish tuxedos and evening gowns. Each side of the church entrance was flanked by the Coast Guard Team to show respect, and with the hope of making this evening, their night to shine!


The parents watched from the balcony with smiles and pride. An empty chair was occasionally filled by an exhausted dancer. There is no stronger love than the devotion of the parents of special needs children. The true hero here, is not the Coast Guard active or the Auxiliary.

Neither is the Glasgow Church, TEBOW Foundation, or the hundreds of volunteers who got the kids ready or the hall decorated. Nor are the parents who take these challenges every day to help their child. But the truth is, the child who wears the crown/tiara is the real hero. Every day is a challenge and you would never know it as they dance the night away. They don’t see it as a struggle as we do. Instead, it’s the joy, and wonder that is expressed. You see and hear it in the endless smiles and laughter of the evening, filling the ballroom with so much noise, you could barely hear the D.J. An emotional parent explained to DDC/DSO of Operations Sarac, how their “daughter may never go to prom or get married, you all have provided these kids AND us parents a moment we will never forget!”

The USCG Auxiliary 053-01 humbly volunteered that night without realizing that they got more than they gave. Additional members present include Parlemo and Sama. The active duty volunteers include; McNaughton (headline picture by Sarac), Kaufman, Martin, Kirkham and Alejandro-Mar.

We danced the night way with everyone and a few were seen singing. (OUCH!) But in all, every one of us agreed that we would happily do it over and over. 


Photos/story by Auxiliarist B.Sama