AUX Food Service

Miss cooking for your kids?  We have the perfect opportunity for you.

The Auxiliary Food Services program is looking for members interested in cooking to be trained and qualified to serve at local Coast Guard stations, at CG Change of Commands, VIP events and aboard cutters in their galleys as the need arises.  The Coast Guard is short personnel and the Auxiliary is being asked frequently to assist.  

The program began post 9/11 in 1st Southern to support the Gold side.  In 2006, AUXCHEF was officially established as a National program and 5th Southern took the lead in developing the program.  In 2013, the name was changed to AUXFS Training consists of 20-22 hours of classroom and hands on practical.

PQS completion within 1 year. Health screening and Hep. A shot and booster.  Can be provided ad CG health clinic.


Current SOP requires completed Core Training, the Annual Sanitation Training and 4 hour TCT every 2 years.  Effective 2019, AUXFS will be required to complete 20 hours of support to USCG units.
If you are interested, please fill out the attached registration form and send it to Noreen Schifini, DSO-FS at


Put the information below in to the email......

NAME:   ___________________________________________________

EMPLID #:   __________________________________
District:  5NR____ Div: ______ Flotilla: _______ FC Name: ¬¬¬¬¬¬ _____________________
Home Address:  ________________________________________________________
City: _________________________ State: ____________  Zip Code: _____________
E-Mail Address: ______________________________  
Phone:_____________________ (home)     Phone:___________________  (cell)
Closest CG Unit:  _________________________________________________________  
Do you want to get your HEP A shot and/or health screening on Friday before the class begins, if available?     YES _______   NO______
Have you already received the Hepatitis “A” Shot?  YES _______   NO_____
Have you completed the Mandated Training?  YES _______   NO______
Date of most recent 4 or 8 hour TCT training:  __________
Any prior food service experience: ______________________________
I have a current Auxiliary ID card.  YES _______   NO______
If available, would you want berthing at the Station?   YES ______   NO______
Noreen Schifini, DSO-FS, Instructor
66 Sunrise Blvd.                       732-300-2950 - cell
Toms River, NJ  08753