Coast Guard Auxiliary Protocol & Courtesy

As stated in the New Member Reference Guide:

The Coast Guard is a maritime military service. The protocols and etiquette reflect the
customs and traditions of the Naval/Sea Services as well as the military. The Auxiliary,
as part of the Coast Guard family, must observe similar customs and protocols, even
though Auxiliarists are civilians. Auxiliarists are expected to demonstrate utmost respect
for our national traditions at all times. This includes exercising respect and courtesy
aboard U.S. military installations, vessels, and aircraft as well as exhibiting similar
respect and courtesy toward the flags, vessels, aircraft, officials, and other personnel of
other nations whenever encountered. Auxiliarists are also expected to demonstrate such
respect and courtesy toward all fellow Auxiliarists, Coast Guard personnel, personnel of
other military services and organizations, and toward the American public.

Please see the Guide to Protocol and Courtesy for more information.