Division 24's History

USCG motor lifeboat 36500


      Coast Guard Auxiliary Division 24 of the First Coast Guard District - Southern Region was established on 1 January 1997 in conjunction with the Coast Guard's program to realign Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotillas into new Divisions which are affiliated with specific Coast Guard units.  When established, Division 24 was comprised of the seven Flotillas which were associated with the operations of Coast Guard Station New Haven in New Haven, Connecticut.  These Flotillas consisted of:

      Flotilla 24-1, Branford, Connecticut (formerly Flotilla 17-1 )
      Flotilla 24-2, Stratford, Connecticut (formerly Flotilla 71)
      Flotilla 24-3, Milford, Connecticut (formerly Flotilla 73)
      Flotilla 24-4, Guilford, Connecticut (formerly Flotilla 17-3)
      Flotilla 24-8, Clinton, Connecticut (formerly Flotilla 21-8)
      Flotilla 24-11, West Haven, Connecticut (formerly Flotilla 17-11) and
      Flotilla 24-12, Prospect, Connecticut (formerly Flotilla 17-12).

      The seven Flotillas had a combined membership of 244 members.  These seven Flotillas had numerous operational vessel facilities and fixed land and land mobile radio facilities which had previously supported the operations of Coast Guard Station New Haven and Coast Guard Group / Marine Safety Office Long Island Sound.

      At the start of 1998 the six Flotillas of the Division had a combined enrollment of 211 members with 37 operational vessel facilities, 12 fixed land radio facilities and 10 land mobile radio facilities.  The Division also has numerous qualified Instructors, Vessel Examiners, Boat Crew Coxswains and Crew Members, Marine Dealer Visitors, and members with additional qualifications.