What can I do while in AP status?

What can I do while in AP status?

Outlined below is an edited excerpt from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN), for your reference.

Members have the ability to participate on several levels while in AP status:


  • are entitled and strongly encouraged to attend all Auxiliary national, district, division, and flotilla meetings, training sessions, and social events in order to learn about Auxiliary organization, policies, procedures, and programs
  • may vote in any Flotilla matter
  • may participate in Auxiliary committees (e.g., Flotilla Change of Watch committee) and Auxiliary ceremonial events (e.g., Emcee of a Change of Watch; member of an Auxiliary color guard)

Training, Qualifications, and Activities

  • may train in any program like any other Auxiliarists including mentor assignments, workshop attendance, and enrollment in Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary "C" schools.  However, members in AP status may not displace any Auxiliarists in more senior status who desire to participate in any training venue.
  • must successfully complete requirements in order to qualify in any Auxiliary program
  • may perform and have signed-off all tasks that must be completed to earn qualification in any program

Auxiliary Courses and Test Administration

  • are authorized to take any and all Auxiliary courses and all end-of-course exams associated with these courses
  • may be presented to corresponding course completion certificates in appropriate ceremonial venues upon successfully completing all course requirements
  • test results are logged into the Auxiliary database

Uniform, Awards, and Miscellaneous

  • are authorized to obtain and wear the Auxiliary uniform with proper devices and insignia
  • may earn and wear appropriate Auxiliary and US Coast Guard awards, if the established aware criteria are met.  Achievements are logged into the Auxiliary database.

For more information on Membership Accession, consult Chapter 3, Section D of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN)