Flotilla 15-10 Uniform Information

Revised May 2013 Uniform Procurement Guide

The newly revised Uniform Procurement Guide will help the new member in not only purchasing the correct uniform components, but how to wear the uniform properly.  It is a privilege to be able tow ear the Uniform of the United States Coast Guard.  Do it proudly, and correctly.

December 2012 Uniform Changes

A recent article highlighting the changes to the unform manual has details of changes that will occur at the end of 2012.  Please review prior to making any expensive purchases of cold weather outerwear. 

Where To Buy - Uniform Information

The United States Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center is the first stop in obtaining your uniform.  At this site you will find PDF versions of the Uniform Procurement Guide and other useful information for both the veteran and new member.
The folks at the UDC are most helpful with questions so feel free to give them a call if in doubt, or confer with one of your flotilla officers.  

What to buy first?

A new member is faced with several choices of a uniform when they start.  Although you will need both the Tropical Long uniform as well the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU), the first uniform should be the Tropical Long.  In 15-04 it will take a while to become operational status and therefore the uniform that we will be wearing most is the Tropical Long. 
Any meetings in public, as well as interaction in classes, require the Tropical Long uniform. 
If you have questions or need clarification please check with your Flotilla Commander or Vice Commander.

ODU Sleeves

Effective Immediately while wearing the ODU the following will be observed to maintain consistency with the active duty CG in 1SR:
November 1 - March 15:  Sleeves will be down.
March 15 - November 1:  Sleeves will be rolled up.