Flotilla News


Coast Guard Day on the USS Slater (DE 766)

Members of Flotilla 15-04, 15-09 and 15-10 joined together on August 4th to celebrate Coast Guard Day on the USS Slater, the last World War II Destroyer Escort afloat.  This historic ship, just back from dry dock, was the venue for a celebration of the founding of the US Coast Guard, but the 75th Anniversary of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.  The Auxiliary members were joined by the crew of the USCGC WIRE (WYTL65612) and Coast Guard veterans from the USS Slater.

Crew of the USCGC WIRE learn the nuances of loading and firing the 50 caliber 3 inch gun on the stern of the USS Slater from Erik Collin, Gun Captain for the museum ship.  The WIRE crew fired the gun salute during the ceremony.

Members of Flotilla 15-09, 15-04 and 15-10 on the stern of the ship after the ceremony.

Charles Poltenson, Division Vice Commander; CPO Richard Walker (USCG Ret); and BMC Jason Cross, USCGC WIRE after the ceremony.  Poltenson and Walker were joint Chairs for the planning of the annual event and are active volunteers on the USS Slater.

Burnt Hills Parade

 Several members of your Flotilla have participated in two parades so far this year as part of the Division 15 Auxiliary Color Guard.  Requirements for this are more stringent than normal, but your represent the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard.  Rich Gabriels is a member and Terry Tremblay is the Officer in Charge of the Color Guard.


 Terry Tremblay (left) calls cadence during warm up at the Burnt Hills Flag Day Parade on June 12th.  To his immediate left are Pamela Crane and Mary Lou Wood (15-09) and Rich Gabriels.  Although it rained through the entire parade the Color Guard did a great job.   USCG Aux photo C. Poltenson


Waterford Canalfest

Under the able leadership of Glen Macaluso, members Scott Kuhne, Todd Ege, Fred Brown VFC, and Warren Snyder manned a booth at the Waterford Visitors Center for Canalfest in May.  This provided an opportunity to talk to the boating public about safety and education.  

Booth at the Canalfest.





Line Handling Crew Starts Season

(All photos: USCG Auxiliary) 

This winter a team of hardy volunteers from Flotilla 15-04 and 15-09 took on the duties of line handlers for Coast Guard Cutters/Ice Breakers that call on the Port of Albany.  Under the guidance of Richard Gabriels, Flotilla Commander 15-04 the team consists of Charles Poltenson, Scott Kuhne, Terry Tremblay (all 15-04) and Jim Wilson (15-0 9).


Richard Gabriels (left) and Jim Wilson wait to catch lines for USCGC Penobscot Bay at the Port of Albany.


Richard Gabriels (left) and Charles Poltenson await the arrival of USCGC Penobscot Bay.