Division 15 General Information

Calendar Update and Mandatory Training


Calendar Updates and Sending Information for Inclusion

If you wish to add something to the Division Calendar please include date, time, location (actual address), brief description of the activity and contact person.  If you are willing to have a link to your e-mail so members can contact you for the event please include permission to include such link.  Send any information to the webmaster.

Let's get a full calendar with enough detail so we can turn our the membership!

Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training is required including two ICS courses.  Members should be working on them.  New members have one year to complete them.  Details for the membership can be found on the Division Training page.

BETA site for new BQ Member Training

D1S has been selected by National along with two other Districts to be a Beta test site for a new training program for new members. 

It is expected that the Auxiliary members who are familiar with the customs, traditions, and history of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, understand our Missions and Programs, the organizational structure, the policies and regulations that guide us, and understand the protocols and uniform wear will be far better prepared to serve the Coast Guard than less knowledgeable members. In addition, Auxiliary members need to have the same training as the Coast Guard with regard to ethics, civil rights, privacy, and security (specifically addressed in our Mandated Training).

It is the purpose of the new Basic Qualification Course and the requirements of the associated Personal Qualification Standard (PQS) to quickly get members from Approval Pending (AP) status to Basically Qualified (BQ) status with this knowledge so they are “Semper Paratus” for their service in the Auxiliary. 

All Flotilla Commanders should be using this new program and advising the DCDR of names of Mentors, Students and tracking progress each month.   Further information on the program and links to all the resources a mentor and student would require is located here.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact your FC or DCDR for guidance.