Flotilla 12-5 Uniform Information

Uniforms most commonly used by Auxiliarists are the Tropical Service Blue Uniform ("Trops"), worn to Flotilla Meetings and the Operational Dress Uniform (ODUs) worn on Boat Patrol. Uniforms are available at Coast Guard locations such as the USCG School in Groton, CT and the USCG Uniform Distribution facility in Woodbine, NJ. Proof of USCG Auxiliary Membership is required for entry onto the premises and for purchases.

You may also make your uniform purchases on-line at

Other USCG Uniform materials; e.g. devices, sew-ons, name tags, etc. are available on line from the USCG facility in St. Louis at

Proper USCG Auxiliary member ID is required for on-line purchases. Both sites offer live Customer Service assistance.

Positioning of devices and sew-ons is found in the USCG Auxiliary Manual, found on the USCG NAtional web site at . Use the pull down menu across the top: "Aux Members"

Alterations can be performed by any tailor, however, there are several tailors in Queens that are familiar with uniform standards and may require less direction than those who are unfamiliar with the USCG Aux uniform requirements. Ask flotilla members about these.

Foot apparel is available in retail shoe outlets. See the Aux manual for standards.