Flotilla 11-11 Uniform Information

read this

1. Coat (tucked version)
2. Nametape
3. USCG Auxiliary tape Order 3.
4. Auxiliary member collar devices "Member Device" is preferred.
5. Undershirt
6. Riggers belt
7. Trousers
8. Trouser Blousers
9. Dark socks
10. Boots (safety toe required)
11. USCG Aux or 5-10 Ball cap
12. OPTIONAL Foul Weather Parka Liner (fleece jacket)

2) Go to the UDC (Uniform Distribution Center) Website

First go here where you will find the sizing charts for the ODU Coat and Trousers and T shirts:

READ the "How to Wear the ODU Uniform" slideshow and watch the video presentation to learn how to of wear the uniform.

You must measure yourself to ensure that your ODU will fit. Wearing size 34 blue jeans does not mean you wear size 34 ODUs.

Buy T-shirts as you need the correct blue to go with uniform.

Now, go ahead and click on the ODU Accessories and Attachments on the main menu to the left of the screen. That will take you here:

Here you will see ODUNAME and ODUAUX. Buy several name tapes so that you have extras at home. This way, if someone gives you or sells you a uniform top, you can simply put your name on it.

Also on this page are the Riggers Belt (RB52), Trouser Blousers (TB). Buy an extra pair of Blousers as you will lose some.

Boot socks can be found here or you can use any tall black socks you've got:

The Foul Weather Parka Liner is optional but strongly recommended. It will really take the chill off a colder day on the water, is reasonably priced and is a very useful garment. It can be found here:

3) Ordering from the UDC

Now after you've filled in the form and know what your sizes, and item nunbers are, go to:

To shop on-line scroll down and click on the very small link that says "order on-line." It is very small.

You must have an EMPLID number to generate a password and order on-line. NOTE: The UDC uses priority mail on everything it ships and is very fast.

4) Boots, not from the UDC

Most active duty USCG personnel do not wear the SuperBoot which is official USCG gear since they are very heavy and expensive. They can be found here:

The regulations say this with regard to boots: "THE ODU UNIFORM WILL BE WORN WITH WELL-BLACKENED 8 OR 10 INCH SAFETY BOOTS." So you can wear any black boot you want, provided it is 8-10 inches tall, and has a Steel or Composite toe than conforms with ANSI standards. Most safety boots specifically say ANSI on them.

Mail ordering boots is the only way to go. Alden found a great deal on these for $49:

Two of the biggest manufacturers of military boots are ALTAMA and MAGNUM. Check out their on-line catalogs and pick a model that suits you. Most of our work is in the summer, so lightweight boots that are made of nylon mesh and leather are very comfortable. Boots with the side zipper are convenient but not required.

Boots by either Altama or Magnum will cost less than the UDC superboot and be a lot more comfortable. The new boot designs are like wearing running shoes.

5) Baseball Cap from

For the baseball cap go to:

Hopefully by the time of writing, if you look under USCG Auxiliary, Flotillas, you'll see 5-10 NY Harbor.

If not email "Rob Green, CutterAgent" and ask him for a New York, 5-10 hat. If enough of us email him I'm sure he'll get the site operational more quickly.

Rob makes superb hats, the fit and finish are better than anything I've seen available elsewhere.

6) Collar Devices from BentNeedle.

Now this is amusing. After all that, neither the UDC or the Auxiliary stores sell the cloth embroidered collar devices you need for the ODU. Amusing no?

I have listed two companies below that sell the USCG Aux embroidered collar devices. I recommend "BentNeedle" because the collar devices I bought from Uniformnametape were very badly done. Bent needle has to be better. I hope.

Buy the "member device" if you only have one pair of ODUs as it will never need to be changed. If you are buying multiple coats, then you can buy the FSO device for one of your coats if you are in fact an FSO. Otherwise stick with the member device since you'll never need to change it.

That is the last step, but for completeness I have to mention the Regional Supply center below.

7) Auxiliary Specific Items from the Regional Supply

A generic USCG Aux base ball cap and other specific items for the auxiliary can be ordered from the Auxiliary supply center on:

Click on District Materials Stores on the menu on top. Log in using your EMPLID or get a password. You will then see a map of the US, we are 1SR

A generic USCG Aux ballcap can be purchase here, though the quality is highly variable. This is why I am recommending Cutteragent for our hats.

Regional supply tends to have more uniform items for the Tropical Blue uniform and very little for the ODU. I don't know why, that's just the way it is. It is worth looking at the site, and the site for Southern California and Miami. These stores have an excellent assortment of USCG Aux products that may interest you.