Public Education and Boating Safety

Boating Safety Classes

Looking for classes on boating and boating safety.  Looking for courses that will lead to a Boating Safety Certificate for the state of NJ.  Click on this link and enter your zip code

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary offers courses on boating safety, boating skills, and navigation. Some of these courses will qualify you for a PWC (Personal Water Craft or Jet Ski) license as well as a Motor boat Operators License.  A Safe Boating certificate from the NJ State Department of Law and Public Safety is required for operating a PWC on non-tidal waters in NJ and NY.  It is NOT the same as a motor boat operators license that you get from the State Division of Motor Vehicle Services. Here is the statement from the NJ DMV web site:

Note: NJ now requires a Boating Safety Certificate in addition to a boat operators license for all persons operating any power driven vessel in the state of NJ.

New York has similar rules regarding taking and passing a safe boating course for operation of a personal water craft (PWC, jet ski).Cutter Break Line

NJ Marine Services FAQ

Sat, 01 Dec 12  

For some frequently asked questions about boating law in the state of New Jersey.  Visit the NJ State Police FAQ page at this link

For the complete information on New Jersey's Boating Laws.  Visit the NJ State Police Maritime Division site at this link.

NOAA Charts

Sat, 01 Nov 08  

NOAA’s 1,000-plus U.S. coastal and Great Lakes nautical charts are viewable here on-line.   Each chart is up-to-date with the most recent Notices to Mariners corrections.

Orion Flair Product Alert

Wed, 01 Oct 08  

ORION Flair Product Alert - Orion Safety Products, manufacturer of the Skyblazer hand-launched red aerial flare (“Skyblazer”), has received a report indicating the safety sleeve on the Skyblazer may become detached from the launch tube body during ignition.  Click here to see their announcement for details.  

Updates on this product alert can be viewed directly on Orion's web site at -

2007 Recrational Boating Stats

Mon, 01 Sep 08  

2007 Recreational Boating Statistics

The 49th annual Recreational Boating Statistics report contains statistics on recreational boating accidents and State vessel numbering activities. This report is a result of the coordinated effort of the Coast Guard and those states and territories that have Federally approved vessel numbering and casualty reporting systems.

Some Highlights from this report:

  • 86% of all accidents in 2007 involved a boating operator who had not taken a boating safety class

  • Accident deaths were down, but number of accidents were up for 2007 vs. 2006.

  • The number of deaths associated with the use of canoes/kayaks increased to 107 in 2007 as compared with 99 in 2006.

  • Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents; it was listed as the leading factor in 21% of the deaths.  Alcohol use was also listed in 5th place as the primary contributing cause for all accidents.

  • The 12,875,568 vessels registered by the States in 2007 represent a one percent increase from last year.

DSC Radio Tutorial

Sun, 01 Jun 08  

DSC Radio Tutorial Available

The BoatU.S. interactive tutorial on DSC Radio is a great asset for all boaters, including Auxiliarists and the general public. This online tutorial reveals much information about Rescue 21 and the proper use of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) radios.