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Joining The US Coast Guard Auxiliary

For information about joining our flotilla select the Membership button to the left.

Vessel Safety Checks

Free Vessel Safety Checks - Our team of trained certified vessel examiners are available to provide vessel safety checks to review with you all of the federal and state requirements for your boat as well as a short list of additional safety items we feel that every boat should have onboard.  Select the link to the left for more information.

Public Education

Flotilla 10-13 runs numerous boating safety and navigation classes throughout the year.  A boating safety course is required to operate a Personal Water Craft (PWC/Jet Ski) on non-tidal waters of New York and for ALL boaters operating a power driven vessel on non-tidal waters in the state of New Jersey.  For information click the Public Education button to the left.

Float Plans

Going on a trip with your boat.  Learn about filing a float plan with a friend or relative at Float Plan Central or go directly to the  Float Plan PDF document to print off a form to fill out and give to someone.

Boating in other States

For information on boating laws for other states as well as NY & NJ try this  site supported by the Boat Ed (not officially endorsed by the US Coast Guard or US Coast Guard Auxiliary).  For most current information on boating safety law in any state visit that state's official web site.  Usually under the department of State Police or a separate State Marine Safety unit.


Recalls - Want to know when your boat gets a recall notice from the manufacture.  Owner records are sometimes incomplete and marine manufacturers may not be able to contact you with important safety information.  Boat/U.S. has established an easy way for boat owners to be notified when defect recalls occur.  Register your boat in their  National Recall Alert Registry.  

For past recalls check out the Coast Guard Recall database at the Coast Guard boating safety web site.

Leaving the Country?

Leaving the country? Recreational boaters going out of the country to Canada and/or Mexico are now encountering changing re-entry requirements as they return in their private vessels to the U.S. To facilitate the ease of return into the country, the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection service now provides a webpage with guidance for recreational boaters returning to the U.S. from Mexico and/or Canada.

Are You Ready

Are you ready for the next emergency (natural or man made) in your area.  Take a look at the Department of Homeland Security America Ready Campaign site at for tips and steps you can take to be ready.

Change In NY State Law

Tue, 01 Sep 09  

In NY State, starting Nov. 1, 2009, kayakers, canoeists and those aboard all other boats under 21 feet must wear Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices while on New York's coastal waters, lakes, rivers and other waterways. The rule will remain in effect through May 1. Violators face fines ranging from $25 to $100.  Similar seasonal requirements for wearing personal flotation devices apply to canoes and kayaks in Massachusetts and to all manually propelled vessels, including rowboats, in Connecticut.  The New York law is broader, affecting all pleasure craft, including small sailboats and motorboats, according to the state Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.  

See our boating Laws page for full text of article from the associated press

Dropping support for EPIRB 121.5 MHz

Fri, 01 Feb 08  

The Coast Guard would like to remind commercial and recreational boaters that beginning Feb. 1, 2009, the Coast Guard and other search and rescue personnel will only receive distress alerts from digital 406-MHz Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs).  Support for analog signals from older 121.5 and/or 243.0 MHz devices has been dropped.

Orion Flair Product Alert

Wed, 01 Oct 08  

ORION Flair Product Alert - Orion Safety Products, manufacturer of the Skyblazer hand-launched red aerial flare (“Skyblazer”), has received a report indicating the safety sleeve on the Skyblazer may become detached from the launch tube body during ignition.  Click here to see their announcement for details.  

Updates on this product alert can be viewed directly on Orion's web site at -