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Kidde Recall

Tue, 15 May 18   Posted by: Anthony Palfy

Info on the Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall can be found on the following links

Guidance for VE's and VSC's    General recall info 


Wed, 10 May 17   Posted by: Anthony Palfy


1. The Coast Guard is changing how it projects its online presence to the public. Changes in its public information management system are expected to continue through September 2017. This will result in more consistent style and improved ability to share web content with other military services, as well as provide a more stable internet platform for public user interaction. The Coast Guard Office of Public Affairs (CG-0922) is overseeing this transition and new site management.

2. A result of this transition is that changes are being made to the web locations of public-facing Coast Guard resources like manuals, instructions, and forms. Until recently, such resources were available through the web site. That site has been changed to the web site of the Coast Guard Directives and Publications Division (CG-612):

3. This transition will make for a more dynamic Coast Guard public-facing online environment. Therefore, links to the old Coast Guard directives site should be replaced with links to the new CG-612 site, and semi-annual checks of links to Coast Guard sites should be performed.

4. If you go to, you will instead be taken to the new CG-612 web site. This site is still being filled with public-facing Coast Guard manuals, instructions, and forms, and should be fully loaded by the end of June 2017. Until then, you may find that some Coast Guard publications that are often used by the Auxiliary are missing.

5. In the interim, the Assistant National Commodore - FORCECOM (ANACO-FC, Commodore Bob Holm) and Deputy ANACO-FC (Pete Jensen) have created a temporary and easy-to-use repository for Auxiliary and often-used Coast Guard manuals and instructions. These manuals and instructions are now easily accessed and can be found at:

6. The purpose of this list is to keep Auxiliarists as well as all other interested parties abreast of current developments, policies, manuals, etc. All information contained herein and linked is OFFICIAL policy and Information.
Internet Release and Distribution is Authorize

Event List

Up Coming Events

May 5- Boro Bike Tour Security Detain- Ft Wadsworth-District event
May 5-Green Festival- Secaucus- Flotilla event- 10-02 -Donna Przychodzki
May 12- Earth Day- Over peck Park Creek Leonia- OPEN
May 12- Ridgefield Park Earth Day- Waterslide Park-OPEN
May 12-Memorial Day Parade Secaucus- Flotilla 10-02 event -Donna Przychodzki
May 18- Wear Your Life Vest to work Day- NSBC event
May 19- Ready Set Inflate- Flotilla 10-13 event - Tony Palfy
May 19- Earth fest Over peck-Teaneck- OPEN
May 19-26- National Boat Safety Week - All Flotilla should hold an event!
May 23 Fleet Week Parade-Hudson River-District event
May 23-29- Fleet Week-District event
May 28- Memorial Day Parade Guttenberg- Division event- OPEN

June 2-4- Secaucus Street Fair- Flotilla event- Donna Przychodzki
June 21 - 76th Anniversary of the Coast Guard Auxiliary

July 4- Macy's Fireworks- Hudson River- District event- Operations- Pat Emilio
July 14- City of Water- Jersey City- Division event- OPEN

August 4- Coast Guard Day Anniversary- Ft Wadsworth- National event

September 8-Guttenberg Safe Kids Day- OPEN
September 22-Riverfest-Laurel Hill County Park- OPEN

PPE Inspections

New eNewsletter for RBS

Wed, 09 Sep 15  
Hello RBS Shipmates,
Issue 3 of RBS-Job #1, the Auxiliary’s new eNewsletter for Recreational Boating Safety, is “on your newsstand” now.
In this issue, you'll find articles with boating safety outreach information for Division and Flotilla Public Education officers and instructors; and for Vessel Examiners and Program Visitors; and all Auxiliarists interested in Recreational Boating Safety (RBS).

Articles for all Auxiliarists share activities from our RBS partners (think “force multipliers”) as reported from the annual International Boating and Water Safety Summit (that’s the “big tent” of RBS).

We also introduce our newly appointed Assistant National Commodore for Recreational Boating Safety, Commodore Robert Shafer; the new Director for Boating Safety Outreach, Stephen Ellerin; and the new Director for Public Education, Commodore Robert Laurer.
Click here to read this issue… 
Each article is linked in the Table of Contents, so a click on any title jumps you right to that article. While this takes you any single article of interest, we of course encourage you look through all the articles to learn what’s new in all of the disciplines of RBS.
RBS-Job #1 consolidates all former RBS publications -- For Safety’s Sake, Waypoints and EdVantage, and WAVES (Watercraft and Vessel Safety) formerly produced separately by the RBS Outreach, Public Education and Vessel Examination and Partner Visitation Directorates.
Has your flotilla done something recently that all RBS Auxiliarists should know about? Take a photo (your cell phone can take great pictures) and submit an article on any RBS topic for consideration. Please send your articles and photos (stand-alone photos are also welcome) to our Documents Branch Chief. Mel Borofsky, at
Enjoy, communicate and participate! <---Newsletter LInk in plain text

Mishap Reporting

Tue, 28 Apr 15   Posted by: Bruce Pugh

GME EPIRP recall

Posted by: Anthony Palfy

GME has a recall on an EPRIP Vessel Examiners while doing VSCs inform the boater of this recall if he/she has this product. See the details on the link below.
Click here to see details regarding GME EPIRP recall.                              

Coast Guard finalizes changes to inland navigation rules

Sun, 20 Jul 14   Posted by: Anthony Palfy

The Coast Guard announced Wednesday July 2 the publication of the final rule finalizing changes to the inland navigation rules and their annexes in 33 Code of Federal Regulations parts 83 through 88.
This action aligns the Inland Navigation Rules in the Code of Federal Regulations with the amendments made by the International Maritime Organization to the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, to which the United States is a signatory. Also, the action incorporates recommendations made by the Navigation Safety Advisory Council.
The changes to the current rules will reduce regulatory burdens by adding more options for vessel lighting, alleviating bell requirements, explaining whistle equipment options and adding more options for navigational equipment. These changes also address the technological advancements of wing-in-ground craft and increase public awareness of the inland navigation requirements by reorganizing and making format changes.   The final rule can be found at:

NavRules FlashCards now available

Fri, 02 Aug 13   Posted by: Anthony Palfy
The USCG NavCenter has NavRules FlashCards availabe for your use.
These are a great resource for CXNs, PWOs, or those needing to pass the Nav Rules

Delivering a Proper Comms Message

Posted by: Bruce Pugh

A new PowrPoint presentation has been posted to the Response Directorate "Regulations and Procedures" page.  It is  based on Chapter 6 of the AUXCOM Specialty Course, and is recommended as a review for all Auxiliary communicators.

New Mentoring Guide

Sat, 26 Jan 13   Posted by: Anthony Palfy
There is a new mentoring guide out from national on the Boat Crew Mentoring program.
The guide is in PDF format and can be found at:
This link has also been added to our Links Menu

VE & PV Online Workshops

Sat, 26 Jan 13   Posted by: Anthony Palfy

The 2013 Vessel Examiner (VE) and Program Visitor (PV) Workshops are now available. These Workshops are intended to provide VEs and PVs with practical and relevant knowledge, as well as updates on new requirements. The Workshops are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and can be downloaded from the V-Directorate web site at:   This link has also been added to our Links Menu


ICS-210 is now online

Sat, 26 Jan 13   Posted by: Anthony Palfy

The AUXLMS provides the flexibility for Auxiliarists to access training material anywhere and anytime on a personal computer. With AUXLMS, you can fulfill your Auxiliary MT requirements from the comfort of your home. Among other courses, ICS-210 is now available online through the AUXLMS (use course code 502325). With this availability, as of 18 January 2013, ICS 210 will no longer be offered as a classroom course in 1SR. More Details......