A Word From Our Commander

Commander's Statement

To:           U.S. Coast Guard Aux Air Station Lincoln Park (Aviation 10-01)
From:     Ted Pierson, FC
Subject:   Operational Year 2016   

Date: 08 Jan 2016 

As we begin another year at Air Station Lincoln Park, we find ourselves and an Auxiliary facing many challenges.  For us (10-01)  these challenges lie in the areas of Flotilla.  Concerns, Mission Readiness and Planning for the future.  In the past you have often heard me relate our Flotilla to an aircraft.  If our Flotilla represents an aircraft, then the three focus areas listed below, are best represented by the landing gear (in the way that its role is to support the aircraft/flotilla).
  • MEMBERSHIP (FLOTILLA/ MEMBER CONCERNS)     (MAIN GEAR #1)Throughout my time in the Auxiliary and taking note of each leader who proceeded me, it has been my observation as well as my belief that the primary function of a Flotilla Commander is to see to the needs of those serving with him.  In short, my job is to see that you have what you need in order to do your job.  In order to accomplish this I will be relying on the experience of our senior members as well as that of the Division and District staff officers.  Even though we cannot guarantee that the end result will be as desired; we will guarantee that each of the concerns will be appropriately addressed.
  • MISSION READINESS     ( MAIN GEAR #2)  This is one area where continuing to get better is the rule.  Vince Lombardi once stated to his team after going 1 and 12.  That “We are going to relentlessly pursue perfection.  Even though we will never catch it (because nobody is perfect), we will obtain excellence in doing so.” Mission Readiness consists of two components.  Those components are aircrew and equipment.  Our Flotilla will continue to provide training on every type of mission we fly, in every AOR (area of responsibility) we fly over so that we can be expected to satisfactorily perform any tasking assigned to us by The U.S. Coast Guard.  In addition to having proficient aircrews, we must have the right equipment available to complete the tasking in the most efficient way.  I would like our flotilla to evaluate all current assets with the intent of identifying our mission needs and securing the best equipment possible.  If any member feels that we should have a certain asset on board in order to make our job easier, that member should make it known to the Flotilla for evaluation.
  • PLAN FOR THE FUTURE     ( NOSEWHEEL)  The nose wheel represents our plan for the future.  It can be manipulated to steer the aircraft in the best direction given a set of circumstances.  Every member needs to realize the importance of coming forward with their thoughts and ideas.  Every member has the ability to influence the direction we take as a flotilla.  One of the greatest gifts anyone can have is the ability to listen.  One of the greatest gifts anyone can receive is people who aren’t afraid to be honest with them.  Currently our plan for the future will involve initiating training between aviation and our shipmates engaged in surface operations.  It is hoped that by doing so, the Auxiliary will provide the U.S. Coast Guard with a better overall asset to assist them in their operational needs.  Our plan for the future also has vital need for fund raising.  To put it simply, we can do more with funding than we can without. 
We are going to be challenged during the upcoming year.  Our actions will dictate our future.  Remember that hard times aren’t just trying;  they are also the times we need to try harder. We know what needs to be done.  We have a group of patriotic individuals poised and ready to take on these challenges, and I am confident that we will be successful.    “GET IT DONE, 10-01!”



Ted Pierson

FC 10-01

Please note - This was originally written by Past Flotilla Commander Scott Bonarigo in 2014 and adopted by successive Flotilla Commanders since.