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David Mooney

Flotilla Commander 

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Flotilla Commander Rank

Command Philosophy

The men and women who offer their time and services to the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary are truly remarkable people. As Auxiliarist, we have taken an oath to be apart of an organization that is second to none in the nation promoting Recreational Boating Safety through public education, visitation, and prevention. We do all this while providing support and assist the United States Coast Guard in the fulfillment of its civil function.

It is with this in mind that i instill the following within our members:

 We are an organization of Service

There are many organizations out there that help promote safe boating but none quiet like the Coast Guard Auxiliary. We have the unique opportunity to serve our community under the direction of the U.S. Coast Guard. We must always remember that your conduct reflects directly upon the image of both the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary. 

Training is key 

In an effort to make us "One Team, One Coast Guard" all Active Duty, Reserve, Civilian, and Auxiliary all must complete the same mandatory training. As time progressed the Coast Guard is calling upon the Auxiliary to step up to the plate and take on new roles and tasks to assist them with their missions. It is because of this that we all must be on the same page. In our FEMA courses we all learn about interoperability, there is no better example then the training we all must take.

Dedication and Accountability

A saying I tell all my members, especially new members, is "The Coast Guard Auxiliary is what you make it to be". I stand by this 100%. If you joined the program and don't contribute in anyway, the program will not give you anything back. We strive on the effort and dedication of the members. Take the initiative, set goals, challenge yourself, you will be surprised what you can accomplish.

My tenure with the Coast Guard Auxiliary has taken me down a road which now entails flotilla commander, A position which i am both honored and privileged to be elected to. Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our mission while continuing to build and strengthen our Flotilla. I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Flotilla 05-04 is yet to come.

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