Flotilla 4-4 Member Training

MT sessions will be held every 1st Thursday of the month at Station Sewaren at 1930 hours

Thurs 4 Jan How to fill out Auxiliary Forms

Thurs 1 March Mandatory 1 hr TCT & Operations Workshop

Thurs 5 April Weekly Boat Crew Boot Camp 1930-2130 hrs

Thurs 19 April  Second Class – 2018 (Flotilla Training Meeting 2030-2200)

Thurs 26 April Third Class – 2018 (Flotilla Training Meeting 1930-2130) 

Thurs May 3, 2018 Flotilla Training Meeting 1930-2130) PPE Inspections

Thurs 17 May Fourth Class – 2018 (Flotilla Training Meeting 2030-2230)

Thurs 24 May Fifth Class – 2018 (Flotilla Training Meeting 1930-2130)

Thurs 31 May Sixth Class – 2018 (Flotilla Training Meeting 1930-2130)

Thurs 7 June Seventh Class – (Flotilla Training Meeting 1930-2130)

 Eight Class – (On Water) Dates: TBN Patrol Schedule July-August

Thurs 23 August Ninth Class – 2018 (Flotilla Training Meeting 1930-2130)

Tenth Class – QE Session September

MT Session scheduled for Oct. 4, 2018 - Topic: Introduction to Risk Management and GAR 2.0 worshop.

MT sessions will be held every 1st Thursday of the month at Station Sewaren at 1930 hours



Thurs      5 January    Meeting Cancelled

Thurs   2 February  1 hr TCT Workshop

Thurs   2 March  Mandatory Operations Workshop

Thurs  6 April   Towing Rigs & Start of Boat Crew Training

Thurs  20 April  Boat Crew Training

Thurs  27 April  Boat Crew Training

Thurs  4 May    Boat Crew Training

Thurs  4 May   PPE Inspections 

Thurs 18 May  Boat Crew Training

Thurs 25 May  Boat Crew Training

Thurs 1 June  Boat Crew Training

June, July, August - Underway Tasks Crew Sign offs

Thurs 24 August  Review all book sign offs & Schedule QE mission for members who are ready 

Thurs 7 Sept TCO Lite Operation of Vertex Hand Held Radio

Thurs 5 Oct Overview of the AUXWEA Course CANCELLED

Thurs 7 Nov  Overview of AUXWEA Course CANCELLED

Thurs 7 Dec  Overview of AUXWEA Course CANCELLED


Changes to Auxiliary Mandated Training

Fri, 31 Oct 14  

Click on link to view ALAUX from CHDIRAUX



SUBJECT COURSE TITLE         Discipline          NOTES        
AUXWEA Auxiliary Weather Specialty Course AUXOP1 required AUXOP course needs proctored exam
AUXSEA Auxiliary Seamanship Specialty Course AUXOP1 required AUXOP course needs proctored exam
AUXCOM Auxiliary Communications Specialty Course AUXOP1 required AUXOP course needs proctored exam
AUXACN/NAV Auxiliary Advanced Coastal Navigation AUXOP2 proctored exams
AUXSC&E Auxiliary Search Coordination and Execution AUXOP2 proctored examsAUXACN
AUXPAT Auxiliary Patrol AUXOP1 proctored exams
IMSEPIntro to Marine Safety & Environmental Protection AUXOP2 no proctor needed for exam
AUX - 06 Auxiliary Aids-to-Navigation & Chart Updating C-School AUXOP1 C-School, must be FSO-AN or SO-AN
AUXLAMS Auxiliary Leadership and Management AUXOP

AMLOC Auxiliary Mid-Level Officers Course AUXOPC-School Courses - may require
AUXCAPT Auxiliary District Captain Course AUXOP1 recommendation of DCDR / DCO
ASOC Auxiliary Senior Officers Course AUXOP
AUXFLC Flotilla Leadership Course AUXOP National Training Dept course - no proctor needed for exam
AUX15 AC Auxiliary Air Coordinator C-school (AUX-15) AUXOP1   Air Crew
CG ICS300 & 400Coast Guard Incident Command System (ICS) 300 & 400 AUXOP1 for both must be taught by CG instructor
CG ICS346 Situation Unit Leader AUXOP
CG ICS347 Demobilization Unit Leader AUXOP must be working with CG
CG ICS348 Resources Unit Leader AUXOP1 for class in this capacity to get class slot,
CG ICS430 Operations Section Chief AUXOP 1 for PQS classes taught by CG trainers
CG ICS440 Planning Section Chief AUXOP
CG ICS351 Finance Section Chief AUXOP

BCCREW boat crew OPS TCT/BSS/ics100,700
BCCOX boat coxswain OPS crew +ICS 200,800,210/Nav Rules/Ops Policy
OPS/POLICY Operations Policy Manual OPS Coxswain Certification
NAV RULES 95 coxswain recertification Nav Rules Exam OPS
ICS 100,200,700, 800ICS programed courses & exams (FEMA)NIMS/FEMA
ICS 210 Incident Command Course for certain specialties OPSICS 100 & 200
TCO Telecommunications Operator OPS AUXCOM Required 2 year completion required
AV/NS ATON verifier NSICS100 & ICS700, 8 hour TCT, BQ status
IT Instructor RBS
VE vessel examinerRBS
PVRBS boating safety Program Visitor RBS
APC Administrative Procedures CourseADMIN  required to hold elective office
MSTRMS Training RibbonMS GOODMATE / IMSEP / ICS 100, 200, 700, 800, 210 or 300
IS5.aIntroduction to Hazardous MaterialsMS/FEMA none
GOODMATE Goodmate CourseMS  none
IMSEP Introduction to Marine Safety & Environmental ProtectionMS    none
AUX MEES Prevention Outreach SpecialistMS IT (instructor), GOODMATE / IMSEP
AUX MSAM Administrative & Management SpecialistMS GOODMATE / IMSEP / ICS 100, 200, 700, 800, 210 or 300, APC or AUXLAMS
TRIDENT CG Trident Program with many certifications MS/CG over 25 specialty certifications/need port capt approval
AUX-20 Introduction to AUX Public Affairs PA
AUX 21CG  Public Affairs Policy PA
AUX 22 CG Public Affairs Specialist (2nd class) PAAll courses taught at C-School
AUX 23 Journalism for CG Public Affairs PA
AUX 26 Introduction to Digital Photography PA
AUX 18 Spatial Disorientation Crew Mngmt Training AVAUX air crewC-School

VE Vessel Examiners workshop
PV Program Visitors workshop
IT Instructors workshop
OPS Operations Workshop
TCT 1-HOUR Team Coordination Training refresher    Crew+Cox'n every year
TCT 4 / 8 HOUR primary TCT training course CG        every 5 years

MANDATED TRAINING     These courses must be taken on-line by each member        
                                       they are available on the AUXLMS website

Suicide Prevention. every 5 years
Security Education & Training Awareness. every 5 years
Privacy Awareness. every 5 years Prevention of Sexual Harassment. every 5 years .
Sexual Assault Prevention. every 5 years
Civil Rights Awareness (titled changed from Human Relations Awareness).every 5 years

Ethics Training once ever
Influenza Trainingonce ever

Posted by: Michael Rebeck SO-CS



Benefits, requirements, and Impacts on Mandated Training Benefits
The Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) provides the flexibility for Auxiliarists to access training material anywhere and anytime on a personal computer. For example, you can fulfill the Mandated Training (MT) requirements from the comfort of your home.

Auxiliarists also have the opportunity to access active duty training courses and materials such as content on Coast Guard boat and cutter operations. Each course has a 6-digit code number which can be used to quickly search-and-find.

ICS-210 is now available online. (course code 502325). Successful completion is automatically recorded in AUXDATA. Requirements — Each Auxiliarist must have a unique email address that is not shared with any other Auxiliarists and that is listed as your primary email address within AUXDATA.

Accessing AUXLMS and Password Set-up
Access is through the following site:  . To get a password in the system click on the “I forgot my password” link under Login. Fill in the Username field with your individual primary email address. Click Submit.An email will be sent to your email address that contains your login and password. The message will be from Return to the AUXLMS website and sign in. You will then be asked to change your password.
Mandated Training — The Auxiliary MT requirements established in the Auxiliary Manual are now in effect. Notably:

Training Required during First Year and Every 5 Years Thereafter 

Auxiliarists must successfully complete the following during their first year of enrollment and then once every five years thereafter:

(1)-DHS Together—Resilience Training — course code 502379

(2)-Security Education and Training Awareness (SETA) — course code 810030

(3)-Privacy at DHS / Protecting Personal Information — course code 810015

(4)-Sexual Harassment Prevention — course code 810000

(5)-Sexual Assault Prevention and Response — course code 810045

(6)-Civil Rights Awareness — course code 502319

Following must completed only once, also during the first year of enrollment:

(1)-Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts — course code 502306

(2)-Influenza Training — course code 502290

Enrolled Auxiliarists now have until 31 December 2016 to complete all eight of the MT courses. As each of the first six listed above is completed, its own five-year cycle will start. Each cycle will extend to 31 December of the fifth year regardless of the date the course was completed during the year.