Join the Auxiliary


Posted by: Matthew Waranowicz

Thinking about joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary? You're at the right place! Here are some programs in which you could participate:

  • Boat Crew and Patrols - If you like being out on boats and helping other boaters, you can become Boat Crew certified to go out on safety patrol, help others and have fun!

  • Member Training - Auxiliary members have a wealth of training open to them to help make them betters boaters, and better able to serve the public.

  • Chart Updating - Do you like reading charts and trying to see if something is out of place? If a feature or buoy is out of place, you would be the one to fill out the paper work to make sure it gets back to its proper place.

  • Instructor - Are you a good teacher and/or speaker? Put your skills to work by being an instructor teaching various courses.

  • Search and Rescue - Work along side the Coast Guard to help find and save boaters in trouble.

  • Vessel Examinations - A vessel examiner makes inspections of vessels, making sure that everything is okay. The Coast Guard Auxiliary promotes safe boating through education. Vessel safety checks are reviews of a boaters equipment for compliance with federal and states requirements.

  • Weather - Are you interested in the weather? The Auxiliary offers courses to learn about different cloud types, temperatures, and other parameters related to weather.

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