New Members

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Find a Mentor

During your first few meetings, talk to as many people as you can before and after the meetings. Don't be afraid to talk to the STAFF. The goal here is to find a MENTOR. Someone who can guide you through the process of becoming a participating member. Every new-member needs a mentor, and you will be asked who is your's.

Become BQ

Take a NASBLA certified Boating Safety Course e.g. ABS, BS&S, SS&S, and become Basically Qualified:

Complete the ICS 100 & 700 Courses

The courses can be found on-line at the following links

Air Ops

Begin Studying for Air Ops "A":
Take the test here: National Testing Center

Auxiliary Air Observer Initial Air Observer Syllabus

Read the Air Observer Syllabus and start on the requirements with the help from your mentor: