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My CG Aux (New Site for Auxiliarists)

Tue, 16 Aug 16   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

Introduction to my.CGAUX

For new members

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Introduction Video

DHS changes mission statement

Thu, 19 May 16   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

“With honor and integrity, we will safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values.”
More info here 

Safety Tip

Tue, 16 Feb 16   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

Safety Tip: 

No Burglar alarm? no problem.

You may have something in your home already that can scare off an intruder and gain the attention of all your neighbors. (tip has no affiliation to uscg aux)

For more info check out this article Here 

key chain

How to survive a flood

Tue, 09 Feb 16   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

Flotilla 1-4 is located on Long Island, NY. and subject to frequent flooding in some areas.

Here is some information to help you survive a flood: 

flood prep 

New life preserver technology

Thu, 10 Dec 15   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

Info on a new life preserver:

Huffington post link for Kingii 

Second link/ more info on Kingii 


(No affiliated to USCG) Not yet approved.



Winter Car Safety

Thu, 10 Dec 15   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

What to keep in your car this winter:

emergency prep 

(Recommendation via Smart 911/ No affiliation to USCG) 

Operation Paddle Smart

Tue, 08 Sep 15   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

Link to a video on paddle smart here.

"The Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary have teamed up to launch ‘Operation Paddle Smart,’ a campaign that provides free water-proof stickers for labeling owner identification and contact information to small, paddle craft vessels. aimed to benefit the entire U.S. maritime community.

With the increase of kayakers and paddlecraft enthusiasts getting out on the water, the number of vessels found adrift without its pilot have also increased. Unlike larger recreational or commercial vessels which share in the fortunate benefit of hull registration numbers and a vessel name that allow for the owner to be identified, kayaks and other forms of paddlecraft, characteristically do not have identifying features that allow for the owner to be contacted. As a result the Coast Guard spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year engaged in search and rescue operations for cases where there was nobody in danger to begin with."

Source link. 


 Great example why the "If Found" sticker is so important:

Link from Flotilla 69 (TX) 

Boating Safety Certificate & Your NYS Drivers License

Tue, 12 May 15   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

Visit to learn how to add your boating safety course to your NYS drivers license.

 "How to request your Adventure License if you already have a Lifetime Sporting License or Safe Boating Certificate:

If you already have a State-issued Lifetime Sporting License, you may login to the Online Sporting License Sales System and request a new driver license or non-driver ID with your lifetime sporting credentials.
For boating certificates, download this form (Click Here) and mail to the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.
Lifetime sporting license and safe boating certificate holders may also get the updated Driver License or non-driver ID by visiting a local DMV office and presenting their lifetime license/certificate and proof of identity. There is a $12.50 new document fee ($5.00 for a non-driver ID) unless you choose to wait for your renewal."




Not in my Coast Guard

Posted by: Timothy Czeisel

An announcement from the Commandant on Sexual Assault.

Link: From the Commandant: Not in my Coast Guard. 

Explore District 1SR Flotillas

Thu, 16 Apr 15   Posted by: Timothy Czeisel