Information for Safe Boating

The following information will help make your time out on the water safer and more enjoyable.

Read This Before Going Out on the Water

Free - No Risk - Vessel Safety Check A vessel safety check is a courtesy examination of your boat to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment required by State and the Federal regulations. This site provides information as well as a checklist you can use to a self-examination of your boat.
Coastal Water Forecasts from NOAA This site includes information about weather and waves as well as small craft advisories for your local boating area.
Forecasts of Tides and Currents from NOAA Know the tide schedule before going out of the water.
Local Notice to Mariners Not only does this publication provide information about changes to navigation aids but it also provides critical information about events in local waters that may affect your trip.
NOAA’s nowCOAST Real-time coastal observations and forecasts.

Trip Planning

Online Navigation Charts - Atlantic Get free online access to charts covering the entire Atlantic coast of the U.S.
Chart Number 1 All the symbols and abbreviations used on U.S. nautical charts are shown on Chart No. 1. Get it free here.
Boston Harbor Online nautical chart at 1:25,000 scale
Narragansett Bay Online nautical chart at 1:40,000 scale
U.S. Coast Pilot Local information that is difficult to convey in nautical charts can be found here. Make sure to read this before traveling in an unfamiliar area.
Float Plans Save Lives Here is an easy way to prepare a USCG float plan. Its free, its digital, and its provided by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

More Information

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