Flotilla 7-2 Member Training

Auxiliary Learning Management System

   This website offers access to all the required Auxiliary Core training courses as well as other specialty Coast Guard courses.  To go to the Auxiliary Learning Management System website, please click here. To learn more about all required Core Training courses and the timeframe for completion, please click here . 


Online Auxiliary Test site

   To access the Auxiliary's online testing site or view available exams for Auxiliary courses and qualifications, please click here


Auxiliary Online Classroom

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Incident Command System (ICS) courses

  Click here to take the FEMA self paced online versions of ICS 100, 200, 700 or 800.



Qualification Training Resources & References


All Members Auxiliary Manual (M16790.1G) -- Revised JUN 2014 

Air Crew:  Auxiliary Aviation Training Manual (M16798.5B) -- Revised NOV 2005 

Boat Crew (BC):

            Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual (M16798.3E) -- Revised APR 2005  

            Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual (M16794.51A) -- Revised JAN 2007

           Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide (M16794.52A) -- Revised JAN 2007

            USCG Boat Crew Seamanship Manual (M16114.5C) -- Revised MAY 2009 

Build Program (AUXBUILD):  Auxiliary Build Program

Clergy Support (ACS):  Auxiliary Clergy Support Instruction (CI1730.50)

Communications Watchstander:  USCG Watchstander Qualification Guide (M16120.7A)

Financial Educator Program (AUXFE):  Financial Aid Educator Program

Food Services (AUXFS):  Auxiliary Food Services Program 

Healthcare Services Support:  Auxiliary Healthcare Support  (COMDINST 6010.2D)

Instructor (IT):   Instructor Development Course -- Revised AUG 2007

Musician (AUXMU):  Auxiliary Musician Qualification Guide  -- Revised JAN 2016    

Private Aid to Navigation Verifier (AV):  Private Aid Verifier Program (16500.16A)

Program Visitor (PV):  RBS Visitation Manual (M16796.3C) -- Revised NOV 2005

Public Affairs (PA):  USCG Public Affairs Manual (M5728.2D)

Rescue Survival Systems (RS&S):  Rescue & Survival Systems Manual (M10470.10E)

Vessel Examiner (VE):  Vessel Safety Check Manual (M16796.8A) -- Revised OCT 2014