Vessel Safety Check

Flotilla 4-1’s Ted Karr, FSO-VE (Flotilla Staff Officer – Vessel Exams) organizes our Auxiliary Vessel Examiners to support recreational boating safety in our community. A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a voluntary inspection of your vessel’s required safety equipment and includes an evaluation of additional safety issues to make your boating activity as safe as possible. Check out our Vessel Safety Check website:  Click Here


Vessel Safety Check in progress



Contact Ted at karrtm@aol,com to schedule a VSC and stay linked to this site for Ted’s Spring 2017 schedule of local yacht clubs and marinas for dedicated Vessel Safety Check day outings.

These boating facilities are tentatively scheduled for a Vessel Safety Check Day in 2017

Vessel Safety Checks
Ted Karr FSO-VE
Schedule of VSC Events 2017


Danversport Yacht Club              
Liberty Marina                               
Beverly Port Marina                     
Essex Harbor                                
Crane River Marina                      
Manchester-by-the sea***            
Salem Willows YC**                   (contact member Steve Daly)                
Palmer Cove Yacht Club**         (contact member Ken Wilson)         
Hawthorne Cove Marina               
Pickering Wharf Marina                
Winter Island                                 
Point of Pines YC                       (contact member George Boujoukas)