Flotilla Staff Officer Report Form


Please complete and submit this form to file your Flotilla Staff Officer's report. It should be completed by the 15th of each month to insure that the Flotilla Commander has needed information for Monthly Division Board and Staff Meetings. When the form is submitted, it sends an email of the report to Flotilla Commander, Vice Flotilla Commander, Immediate Past Flotilla Commander, and all Flotilla Staff Officers including yourself. 

1. To fill out the form, click on the down arrow where is says "Choose Report Month" then click on the month you are reporting for.

2. Now click the down arrow for "Choose Office From List"" and click your office.  Your name will also be added to the report from this choice even though you don't see it. 

3. Next enter an email address of your choosing of where you want a copy sent to you where is says "Enter Your Email Address Below".  This is a required item. The form will not work without this.  This will get you two copies of the form.  One from the email address entered and one through our staff email address.

4. Now go down and fill in information for the remaining 5 blocks by clicking once with in the block with your mouse cursor and deleting "No Report" then type in your report for that block. If you have nothing to fill in for a block leave it the way it is with "No Report"..

5. When you are done click the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the form and it will be sent to Flotilla Commander, Vice Flotilla Commander, Immediate Past Flotilla Commander, and all Flotilla Staff Officers and yourself. You will get a confirmation page that your report was sent successfully and a note that if you find that it appears that you did not get a copy back in your email you should check your Spam/Junk email folders. You may need to add a rule to your email software to make it go into you inbox the next time.  

 Flotilla Staff Officer Report Form



   Enter Your Email Address Below

   (This Line must be filled in)

   1. Major Accomplishment And Events:

   2. Performance Versus Goals

     (State your organizational goals and then the Year to date performance against the goal)



  3. Update Of Major Programs:

     (If you are working a major program, i.e. Starting up a new Flotilla, increasing membership, etc.)


   4. Concerns:

(List concern, recommended solution, what you have done to resolve and what you are going to do in future to resolve. This is not a place to pin concerns and then go away – we need to work for solutions)


    5. For The Good Of The Auxiliary:


(Before you click on "Submit Form" button, Please check the following: 1. Did you select the right "Report Month"?  2. Did you select the right Staff Office?  3. Did enter an email address?)


 Don't forget to press the "Submit Form" Button just one time to send your report to all Flotilla Staff Officers, Flotilla Commander and Vice Flotilla Commander and yourself.

 If you don't get a confirmation page you should return here and resubmit your report again. Also you should try using your web browser's back button to see if you can go back to what you entered.  Remember that an email address is required for the form to work.