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Directory of Officers for 2017

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Officers can also be contacted through the Contact Us Page.   Flotilla Staff Officer's Office that are light blue are hyperlinks to a web page of their responsibility.  Flotilla Officer's that say Vacant if you use the email address there it will be sent to the Vice Flotilla Commander for a response. 

  Flotilla Commander  Flotilla Staff Officer - Public Education
 John R. Byrne  Everett L. Henry II
 Flotilla Vice Commander  Flotilla Staff Officer - Vessel Examination
 Peter L. Poulin  Francis W. Connelly
 Flotilla Staff Officer - Secretary - Records  Flotilla Staff Officer - Program Visitor
 Lorelle T. Courtois  Paul A. Standridge
 Flotilla Staff Officer - Finance   Flotilla Staff Officer - Navigation Systems
 David B. Porrazzo  Billy G. Thornton
 Flotilla Staff Officer - Diversity  Flotilla Staff Officer - Marine Safety
 Kathleen C. War_eagle  Susan J Polans


 Flotilla Staff Officer - Operations  Flotilla Staff Officer - Communications
 L. Bradford Thompson  John P Esser


 Flotilla Staff Officer - Communication Services  Flotilla Staff Officer - Information Services
 Everett L. Henry II  Richard Robichaud
 Flotilla Staff Officer - Human Resources  Flotilla Staff Officer - Membership Training
 Lorelle T. Courtois  Eric C. Dexter
 Flotilla Staff Officer - Materials  Flotilla Staff Officer - Publications
 Kenneth A Caprio  Vacant
 Flotilla Staff Officer - Public Affrais  
 Noel C. March  

Immediate Past Flotilla Commander

 John W. Hume

Note:  For email sent to officer above your questions and comments will be processed as soon as possible.  As with any volunteer organization, some delay may be expected.  

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