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This form is sent to the FSO/MA Flotilla 2-1.  It is not sent to ANSC.



 Casco Bay Flotilla Online Order Form

The ANSC (Auxiliary National Supply Center) Catalog is now on line. Members can place orders using the catalog and filling in the form below.

Most items that we use in our flotilla are on this form. However there are other items that can be ordered that you will need to find using the ANSC Catalog.

A password is required to send the form which you can get from the FSO/CS 2-1. 

All order to ANSC must go through the FSO/MA. Orders sent to ANSC by anyone else will be returned that you need to order through your FSO/MA..

A copy of the full order form can be found in the ANSC Catalog. If you right click on ANSC Catalog and choose "Save Target As" on the menu that come up, you can save the catalog to your computer.

This order form is in 5 sections.

1. Ship TO:  information, member number, a reason for the order how to arrange to get the materials ordered.

2. Mailing Item: Postage and Envelopes, by ANSC Numbers.

3. Pamphlets and Decals: by ANSC Numbers.

4. Miscellaneous Items: that you enter ANSC Number, Descriptions, and Amount needed from the ANSC Catalog.  If you need to order more than 8 Miscellaneous Items just split you order up into two or more orders using that section.  

5. Comments or Questions: where you can Justify what you are ordering that require justifications or general questions or comments to help the FSO/MA fill the order.

Items Highlighted in Yellow must be filled in. 

After the Comments or Questions block there is a Password block to fill in. You must complete this line before hitting the Send From button.  If you have done everything correctly you should receive a Conformation Page that the forms has been sent.


 Casco Bay Flotilla Online Order Form

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Official Mail Stamps Carried

ANSC #1020 - FIRST-CLASS FOREVER Stamps - 20 Stamps= 1 Sheet, 40 Stamps= 2 Sheets, 60 Stamps= 3 Sheets, 80 Stamps= 4 Sheets, 100 Stamps= 5 Sheets


 Post Cars and Envelopes

ANSC #7101 POST CARD - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY UNITED STATES COAST GUARD OFFICIAL BUSINESS - For mailing notices of Auxiliary meetings and other official information.  
ANSC #7221 OFFICIAL BUSINESS WHITE ENVELOPES (HLS) (4” x 9”) - Envelope to be used only in mailing official Aux. correspondence which warrants use of OFFICIAL BUSINESS privileges. (MAX 50)
ANSC #7261 OFFICIAL BUSINESS MANILA ENVELOPE (HLS) (9” x 12”) - Large envelope with Official Business authority to be used only in mailing Official Auxiliary communications. (MAX 50)  

Pamphlets and Decals

ANSC #3000 PAMPHLET, VESSEL SAFETY CHECK “Boat Responsibly” - Safe Boats Help Save Lives! Get started! Ensure your craft is safe from bow to stern. (MAX 100)

ANSC #3001 PAMPHLET, WATERFOWL HUNTING TIPS (BR) - A four-fold pamphlet that provides ten tips from Wade Bourne on hunting waterfowl effectively and safely. Safety topics covered are life jacket, survival kit, boat loading, and to let someone know where you will be at. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3003 PAMPHLET, BOAT RESPONSIBLY (BR) - A seven-fold pamphlet that urges boaters to boat responsibly by always wearing your life jacket, never boating under the influence, taking a boating safety course, and getting a vessel safety check. Also explains the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, how it can harm you, and how to protect others and yourself. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3004 DECAL, CANOE, KAYAK OR ROWBOAT (ORANGE) - Vessel Identification sticker for Canoe, Kayak or Rowboat (IF FOUND - CONTACT). These weatherproof stickers provide room for the vessel owners name and two phone numbers emergency responders need when paddle craft are found adrift without an operator. Notice: Limited Distribution Quantity - Maximum (200) Per Flotilla Per Fiscal Quarter  
ANSC #3005 PAMPHLET, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING (BR) - What you can't see... can harm you. What is Carbon Monoxide? How you can protect others and yourself. (MAX 100)  
ANSC #3005a DECAL, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING (BR) - “DANGER” Stay clear from exhaust port when engine is running. Size - (21⁄2” x 51⁄2” ) (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3006 PAMPHLET, FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR RECREATIONAL BOATS (BR/AWW) - Contains information about Federal boating laws, equipment requirements, and safety recommendations for recreational vessels. Loaded with charts, graphics, and diagrams, this brochure covers navigational rules, cold water survival, life jacket requirements and America’s Waterway Watch info. (MAX 150)  
ANSC #3007 PAMPHLET, EARN YOUR AUXAIR WINGS - Three-fold pamphlet that provides background information on USCG Air Operations and how one can participate in it. A listing of different requirements for pilot, aircrew, and observer are included within this pamphlet. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3009 PAMPHLET, YOUR VHF-DSC MARINE RADIO - Very High Frequency Digital Selective Calling / Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) - Includes descriptions of system functions, equipment and capabilities / Emergency DSC Distress Procedures. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3010 COLORING BOOK, LEARN ABOUT THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD! - Missions - Ports, Waterways & Coastal Security - Search and Rescue - Living Marine Resources - Drug Interdiction - Migrant Interdiction - Other Law Enforcement - Aids to Navigation - Ice Operations - Marine Safety - Marine Environmental Protection - Defense Operations. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3020 DECAL - VHF - EMERGENCY RADIO CALL PROCEDURES (31⁄2" x 5") - 1. Make sure radio is on, 2. Select channel 16, 3. Press/Hold the transmit button, 4. Clearly say: Mayday Mayday Mayday, 5. Also give: Vessel Name and/or description, Position and/or location, Nature of emergency, Number of people on board, 6. Release transmit button, 7. Wait for 10 seconds - If no response repeat "MAYDAY" call. (16 VHF-FM) (MAX 100)  
ANSC #3022 PAMPHLET - US AIDS TO NAVIGATION SYSTEM - This 16 page pamphlet is designed to help the recreational boater better understand the principle use and identification of the U.S. Aids To Navigation System. It contains detailed illustrations on the various types of buoys and beacon used today. Also included, is a section on bridge lighting characteristics and identification, Draw Bridge opening signals and procedures, America’s Water Watch and Always Wear Your Life Jacket. (MAX 100)  
ANSC #3023 PAMPHLET, JOIN THE COAST GUARD AUXILIARY - “SERVICE ON LAND, SEA, AND IN THE AIR” - Membership recruiting pamphlet. (MAX 100)  
ANSC #3024 PAMPHLET, SAVED BY THE SIGNAL (VISUAL DISTRESS) - 8 panel pamphlet explaining various types of CG Approved Distress Signals, signaling requirements, proper storeage & annual inspection of signals, how to properly deploy signals in an emergency situation. It also contains a handy Checklist of other safety items required by the CG to pass inspection. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3026 PAMPHLET, WATERWAY WATCH (AWW) - A quick overview of America’s Waterway Watch. Provides examples of suspicious activities. Also includes a sample form for reporting suspicious activities, along with important phone numbers. (MAX 100)  
ANSC #3026a DECAL, WATERWAY WATCH (AWW) - 2 Sided with AWW info on one side. For placement on window or windshield of your vessel or place of business. (4” x 5 3⁄4”) (MAX 100)  
ANSC #3028 PAMPHLET, CHILDREN & PERSONAL WATERCRAFT (BR) - Provides a quick summary of what you must know to be safe on the water. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3028a CARD, PFD PANDA AWARD - Given to children during a Vessel Safety Check or Boating fun class. This encourages wearing the PFD. (MAX 50)
ANSC #3030 POCKET SIZE, ABYC BOATING SAFETY CHECKLIST - Handy information checklist produced on waterproof stock identifying required and recommended safety items to help boaters when planning their day on the water. (3" x 7") (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3031 PAMPHLET, SAFE BOATING TIPS FOR ANGLERS, HUNTERS & CAMPERS - This 16 page booklet covers fourteen individual recreational boating safety topics ranging from Tips for Anglers, Hunters & Campers, Life Jackets - Wear them, Sobering Facts about Alcohol, Hypothermia – The Cold Killer, What You Must Have Aboard, Distress Signals, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, First Aid Emergency Measures, U.S. Aids to Navigations, Charts - Your Nautical Road Maps, Boating’s Operating Rules, Canoeing/Kayaking Safety, Keep Our Waters Clean and Take A Boating Course. (MAX 100)  
ANSC #3032 PAMPHLET, THE RIGHT LIFE JACKET (BR) - An informative guide that provides specifications and photos of 13 different types of life jackets, how they perform, and for what activities they are best suited. Also features tips on how to check if a jacket fits properly. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3033 PAMPHLET, BEWARE OF BOAT PROPELLERS (BR) - An informative guide that provides a better understanding of the dangers of propeller strikes. Provides safety tips and examples of various devices that can be used to prevent strikes. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #3039 PAMPHLET, “10-TONS AND NO BRAKES” - Practical Suggestions for Houseboating Safety. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #4018 PAMPHLET, MARINE DEBRIS-DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR LITTER IS? (Trifold) - Be a “Save our Seas” partner by reminding people to put their litter in the proper receptacles. (MAX 50)  
ANSC #4038 PAMPHLET, HELP US PROTECT THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT - Contains very basic information on marine pollution as well as a citizen report form for reporting pollution incidents to the National Response Center. (MAX 100) Also available in: Spanish and French (Please specify)  
ANSC #4041 PAMPHLET, NORTHERN RIGHT WHALE - Information on this highly endangered species and advice to mariners on protection. For East Coast populations (MAX 25)  
ANSC #4044 PAMPHLET, “HOW’S THE WATER?” - Contains a chart of restrictions on what can be dumped in the water and a citizen report form for pollution incidents. (MAX 100) Available in: Spanish (Please specify)  
ANSC #4045 PAMPHLET, CLEANER BOATING ENVIRONMENT - Many tips for boaters on good pollution prevention practices. (MAX 100) (REV. 10/01) Also available in: Spanish (Please specify)  

Miscellaneous Items (Write in) 

You can enter any other  items from the 2017 ANSC Catalog that are not listed above by filling them in the spaces below (ANSC No., Description, Quantity be sure to fill them in that order.)   If you need to order more than 8 miscellaneous items just split you order up into 2 or more orders using section.

   ANSC No.                            Description                         Quantity










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