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The mission of the Education Department of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary is two fold: to provide exceptional boating safety education to the American public with the aim of reducing loss of life, personal injury and property damage to recreational boaters; and to deliver the highest possible quality training, resources and timely materials in support of our flotilla instructors and public education staff officers at every level who are furnishing such boating safety education.

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The Coast Guard’s Division of Boating Safety’s recent Strategic Plan identifies the need for measurable goals: reduction in boating accident injuries and fatalities. The Education Department is committed to focusing its attention helping realize those goals by reaching as many people with the safe boating information as possible, especially the high risk boaters. In addition, we have these goals:

  • Develop and/or maintain up to date and effective educational materials;
  • Continue to focus on the segment of the boating public most at risk Increase flotilla-taught basic boating safety education by 10% annually;
  • Provide and promote ongoing quality instructor development;
  • Make use of appropriate technological resources;
  • Adopt e-learning as a viable way to reach boaters;
  • Utilize e-learning to challenge and grow our instructor corps;
  • Partner with outside organizations where applicable to further boating education;
  • Continue to team with the experience and expertise of the other National Departments to provide solid programs and courses.

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Instructor Development presentation delivered, 28JAN17 at NTRAIN 2017 in St. Louis - Link

General Paddlecraft Safety information, including downloadable brochures - Link

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has initiated a paddlecraft safety outreach program called Auxiliary Paddlecraft, or AUXPAD. There are two components, AUXPAD Ashore Outreach and AUXPAD Afloat Outreach - Link

Public Education eLibrary and eBook bulletins.  The eLibrary bulletin reviews where and how to navigate to locate course offerings, the eBook bulletin reviews the steps/process to access ebooks. 

Introducing our latest offering, Modern Marine Navigation, the new Gold Standard in the industry for navigational instruction products.  

" A PADDLERS GUIDE TO SAFETY" . The Paddlers Guide to Safety is the latest teaching tool on paddle-craft developed by the Coast Guard   Auxiliary, developed by Dr. Don Goff and his team of Paddle Sports Experts. Along-side that presentation Dr. Goff provides us an instructors manual as well.

Please follow the link provided (Paddlers Guide Link) to Enter the Elib center, choose seminars, click on paddlers guide. You will have to enter the members zone to access the presentation and instructors guide.

Please refer to the "Whats New Page" on this website for more information on both products. 

We encourage you to browse our site, offer suggestions, and even become a member of our team.