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 The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCG Aux) is the uniformed volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard ("USCG").

Congress established the USCG Aux on June 23, 1939, as the United States Coast Guard Reserve. Not quite two years later, on February 19, 1941, it was re-designated the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Auxiliary exists to support all USCG missions except roles that require "direct" law enforcement or military engagement. This frees the active member to serve in one of the two roles that can't be filled by an Auxiliarist.

With proper training, Auxiliarists can serve on any USCG asset. The USCG will utilize an Auxiliarist's previously acquired skills, too. Nearly any skill that does not involve a firearm can be useful. Examples include carpentry, construction foreman, cooking, clinical medicine, jurisprudence, musician, radio and engine repair, and teaching.

Since the organizational structure of the Auxiliary does not have a functional counterpart to computer security, server installation and maintenance, back end development, computer networking, or cyber threat mitigation, computer opportunities are generally limited to data entry, website maintenance, and supporting administrative or public affairs tasks using web conferencing and social media.

Programs in which Division 5's members participate include, but are not limited to:

Administrative support to the Coast Guard Aids to Navigation verification (ATON)

Assistance to local government (e.g., Small Boat Course for Local Law Enforcement)

Augmentation of Coast Guard billets Bridge administration

Auxiliary Air (" Aux Air") - USCG Aircraft support Contingency preparedness

Marine Safety and Environmental Protection (MSEP)

Operational support to the Coast Guard(OPS): This includes radio watch standing (RWS)

Port Safety and Security(PS&S)

Public Affairs support (PA)

Public Education (PE)

Recreational Boating Safety (RBS)

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